Urban Development Authority

Under the control of Vijayawada Guntur Tenali Mangalagiri Urban Development Authority, there are Vijayawada, and Guntur corporations, Tenali, and Mangalagiri municipalities, and 181 panchayats with 50 lakh Population, in the area of 2000 After hyderabad, this is the biggest Urban Development Corporation. It was established on 7-12-1978, and completed silver jubilee celebrations. It has a fully computerized divisional office in Mangalagiri.

Sri Vemulapalli Nagabhushanam, Sri G.S.Raju, Dr.M.S.S.Koteswararao, Sri U.V.Pandurangarao, Sri Nellore Gandhi, Sri Thumati Premanath, Sri Kanchi Ramarao, Sri D.V.Bala Vardhanarao, Srimathi Kolli Sarada were the Chair-persons of UDA. On 10-6-2004, Sri Malladi Vishnu became the chairman. From Mangalagiri, Dr.M.S.S.Koteswararao was the chairman, and Sri Goli Gopalarao, Sri Verukonda Venkata Ramana, Sri Sanka Balaji Gupta, Sri Musam Sriramulu, and Sri Damarla Narayanaswamy were the directors of UDA.

Amaravathi Township

Amaravathi Township is the main project of UDA in Mangalagiri. Amaravathi township is formed on the other side of Railway station. UDA collected 402 acres of land, laid out 390 acres, divided into 1327 plots, and sold 1008 plots. Now, they stopped selling the plots. When Dr.M.S.S.Koteswararao was the president, this project was started.

UDA started this project with the vision of making this like Singapore. It collaborated with Singapore house construction corporation - Sarbana International (Sesma International). They planned to construct 2, 3 bed room and duplex flats in 50 acres. This township will contain under ground current wires, gas supply by pipes, fiber optic communication lines. They are going to construct the houses which comply Vaasthu. So many banks are giving loans to buy the plots here. The cost of this project is Rs.100 crore.

Panakala Swamy Ghat Road

To the Panakala Swamy temple, ghat road was constructed with Rs.1.20 crore. In that UDA gave Rs.25 lakh. It spent another Rs.25 lakh for ghat road entrance gate, park next to that, expansion of ghat road, and for the roads next to the Narasimha Swamy temple.


UDA helped in many activities to complete lakes, bridges, and roads. It helped in the development of Acharya Nagarjuna University. It is helping in supplying krishna water to NRI Medical College. If it completes Amaravathi Township project, and constructs a over bridge at nidamarru railway gate, then it will change the real estate picture of Mangalagiri, and will help villages near by.

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