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Mangalagiri is an assembly constituency situated between Vijayawada, and Guntur cities. The boundaries for this constituency are Velagapudi in Tullur Mandal in north-west direction, Krishna river in north, Ramachandrapuram in east, Kaja in south, Kanteru in south-west, and Neerukonda in West. It consists of 32 villages, 1 municipal town in the jurisdiction of 4 Revenue Mandals. The serial number of this assembly constituency is 206

Sri Darsi Lakshmaiah
Sri Meka Kotireddy
Sri Vemulapalli Srikrishna
Sri Tulabandhula Nageswara Rao
Sri Gadde Venkata Rattaiah
Sri Goli Veeranjaneyulu
Sri Nimmagadda Rammohan Rao
Sri Murugudu Hanumantha Rao
Srimathi Kandru Kamala

Sri Damarla Ramakantha Rao

Sri Darsi Lakshmaiah

Sri Darsi Lakshmaiah was one of the first generation communist leaders. He belonged to Pedakoorapadu village. In 1952, he contested in the elections representing Communist Party and won against Krishikar Lok Party candidate Sri I. Govinda Rao by a majority of 17,225 votes. He was the first MLA of this constituency. He established a record as the candidate who got polled the highest number of votes in 1952 Assembly elections and no candidate had broken this record till 2004 Assembly elections. In 1952, Mangalagiri was in Madras State. He died on 16-3-1966.

1952 Election
No.of Electors85435
Polled Votes60792 (71.16%)
Valid Votes60792
Polling Date27-03-1952
Winning Margin17225 (28.33% of valid votes)

Sri Darsi lakshmaiahMCommunist Party of India (CPI)3121751.35%
Sri Ingilapati Govinda RaoMKrishikar Lok Party (KLP)1399223.02%
Sri Thulabandula Nageswara RaoMIndian National Congress (INC)859414.14%
Sri RatnamMKisan Mazdoor Praja Party (KMPP)45247.44%
Sri Ramala Jaya RaoMIndependent13252.18%
Sri Pulla PrakasaraoMIndependent11401.88%

Sri Meka Kotireddy

He was the first Congress candidate represented this constituency in Assembly. He belonged to Penumaka village. He was imprisoned for 2 years in the year 1932 for participating in the independence movement. In 1955 elections he won against Communist Party candidate Sri Nuthakki Venkata Ranga Rao by a margin of 5,086 votes. Due to his efforts, the River Krishna was embanked with an estimated cost of Rs. 25 Lakhs and 18 villages of this constituency were protected from the floods on a permanent basis. He made best efforts for establishing T.B. Sanitorium in Mangalagiri. He was born on 23-10-1903 and died on 26-5-1962.

1955 Election
No.of Electors58534
Polled Votes43333 (74.03%)
Valid Votes43333
Polling Date11-02-1955
Winning Margin5805 (13.4% of valid votes)

Sri Meka KotireddyMIndian National Congress (INC)2456956.7%
Sri Nuthakki Venkata RangaraoMCommunist Party of India (CPI)1876443.3%

Sri Vemulapalli Srikrishna

He wrote the famous poem about Andhra, Cheyyethi Jai kottu Telugoda! Gatamentho Ghana keerthi kalavoda... He was the Editor of the Telugu News Daily "Visalandhra" during the years 1968-72. He was a famous communist leader, and led a number of labour movements. In 1962 Assembly elections, he won against Congress candidate Sri Tamma Ranga Reddy by a majority of 5,146 votes. And also in 1972 elections, he contested representing Communist Party of India (CPI) party and won against independent candidate Sri Gujjula Gangadhara Reddy by a majority of 5,369 votes. During his second tenure, he was the the Leader of Opposition in the Assembly. He was the only MLA who represented this constituency and served in Assembly as the Leader of Opposition. The mile stones in the development of Mangalagiri during his representation are Pilot Drinking Water Scheme (1975) and Degree College (1977). He was born in 1917 and died on 8-4-2000.

1962 Election
No.of Electors73367
Polled Votes53819 (74.03%)
Valid Votes51895
Polling Date19-2-1962
Winning Margin5151 (9.93% of valid votes)

Sri Vemulapalli SrikrishnaMCommunist Party of India (CPI)2356845.41%
Sri Tamma Ranga ReddyMIndian National Congress (INC)1841735.49%
Sri Karumanchi Venkata SubbaiahMSwatantra (SWA)909917.53%
Sri Munagala Naga BhushanamMJan Sangh (JS)8111.56%

Sri Tulabandhula Nageswararao

He belonged to Vaddeswaram village. He worked as an Assistant Commissioner for SC/STs in Andhra and Orissa states during the years 1954-59. He was an Advocate. In 1967 Assembly elections, he represented the Congress party and won against Communist Party candidate Sri Vemulapalli Srikrishna by a margin of 1847 votes. He was born on 21-5-1917 and died on 8-5-1986.

1967 Election
No.of Electors75945
Polled Votes58347 (76.83%)
Valid Votes55848
Polling Date21-2-1967
Winning Margin1892 (3.39% of valid votes)

Sri Tulabandhula Nageswara RaoMIndian National Congress (INC)1896333.95%
Sri Vemulapalli SrikrishnaMCommunist Party of India (CPI)2707130.57%
Sri S.V.ReddyMCommunist Party of India - Marxist(CPM)1654329.62%
Sri K.K.RaoMBharatiya Jan Sangh (BJS)26724.78%
Sri E.A.RaoMIndependent5991.07%

Sri Vemulapalli Srikrishna

1972 Election
No.of Electors92217
Polled Votes65616 (71.15%)
Valid Votes64354
Polling Date15-03-1972
Winning Margin5347 (8.31% of valid votes)

Sri Vemulapalli SrikrishnaMCommunist Party of India (CPI)1849728.74%
Sri Gujjula Gagadhara ReddyMIndependent1315020.43%
Sri Tulabandhula Nageswara RaoMIndian National Congress (INC) 1301820.23%
Sri Sivreddi SimhadriMCommunist Party of India - Marxist (CPM)1155417.95%
Sri Konda Subba ReddyMNCO47857.44%
Sri Thammisetti Rama KrishnaMBharatiya Jan Sangh (BJS)14812.30%
Sri Ganji PunnaiahMIndependent12842.00%
Sri Setti David RajuMIndependent 5850.91%

Sri Gadde Venkata Rattaiah

He belongs to Malkapuram village. He served as the President of Mangalagiri Panchayat Samithi during the years 1959-62. In 1978 Assembly elections, he contested representing Janata Party and won against Congress candidate Sri Tulabandula Nageswara Rao with the support of Marxist Party with a majority of 4033 votes. He died on 31-5-2005.

1978 Election
No.of Electors91722
Polled Votes71038 (77.45%)
Valid Votes69807
Polling Date25-02-1978
Winning Margin4033 (5.78% of valid votes)
No.of Polling Booths119
Electors Per Polling Booth770

Sri Gadde Venkata RattaiahMJanatha Party (JNP)2703238.72%
Sri Tulabandhula Nageswara RaoMIndian National Congress - Indira (INC(I))2299932.95%
Sri Vemulapalli SrikrishnaMCommunist Party of India (CPI)1874926.86%
Sri Chaganti BapireddyMIndependent4640.66%
Sri Indla VenkataramaiahMIndependent3780.54%
Sri Abdul RavoofMIndependent1850.27%


He was popularly known as Dr.M.S.S. and belonged to Neerukonda village. His full name is Madala Samba Siva Koteswara Rao. He started his medical profession in 1968 at Mangalagiri. In 1983 Assembly elections he contested representing the Telugu Desam Party and won against Congress Party candidate Sri Rayapati Srinivas. He was the First Telugu Desam Party MLA who represented in Assembly from Mangalagiri constituency.

In 1985 elections, he won against Congress candidate Smt. Jamuna, a famous cine actress. The election scene at Mangalagiri attracted the entire state because of the contest of Smt. Jamuna, and the ruling party (Telugu Desam Party) had taken it as a challenge to defeat her. The victory of Dr.M.S.S. made him the Health Minister in N.T.Rama Rao's Cabinet. He was the first person from Mangalagiri constituency, who served in the capacity of the Minister.

He has put lot of efforts in realizing many projects like UDA Amaravati Township, Bus Station, Bus Depot, Fire Station and TTD Kalyana Mantapam etc. He also worked for Krishna Water Project and Temple Ghat Road, which had been started after he passed away. In his memory, a bronze statue was unveiled near Bus Station. He was born on 12-10-1943 and died on 22-11-2001.

1983 Election
No.of Electors105209
Polled Votes73974 (70.31%)
Valid Votes73012
Polling Date05-01-1983
Winning Margin3294 (4.51% of valid votes)
No.of Polling Booths132
Electors Per Polling Booth797

Dr. M.S.S.Koteswara RaoMIndependent (unofficially TDP)2756137.75%
Sri Rayapati SrinivasMIndian National Congress (INC)2426733.24%
Sri Simhadri SivareddyMCommunist Party of India -Marxist (CPM)1628722.31%
Sri Tammisetti Rama KrishnaMBharatiya Janatha Party (BJP)38815.32%
Sri Mattukoyya VijayaMIndian Congress - Jagjivan Ram (ICJ)6000.82%
Sri Shaik RajackMIndependent2720.37%
Sri Kommareddi VeerareddyMIndependent1440.20%

1985 Election
No.of Electors114257
Polled Votes85471 (74.81%)
Valid Votes84659
Polling Date03-05-1985
Winning Margin3669 (4.33% of valid votes)
No.of Polling Booths132
Electors Per Polling Booth865

Dr. M.S.S.Koteswara RaoMTelugu Desam Party (TDP)4358451.48%
Srimathi JamunaFIndian National Congress (INC)3991547.15%
Sri Jonnala Anji ReddyMIndependent5320.63%
Sri Chittibabu RemallaMIndependent2410.28%
Sri Nuthakki SubbaraoMIndependent1480.17%
Sri Khampanti JesuratnamMIndependent1230.15%
Sri Baba Venkata ReddyMIndependent530.06%
Sri Sangam InnaiahMIndependent440.05%
Sri Kokilligiada Durga RaoMIndependent190.02%

Sri Goli Veeranjaneyulu

He was the first weaver in Mangalagiri to become MLA. In 1989 Assembly elections, he contested representing the Congress Party and won against CPM candidate Sri Simhadri Siva Reddy by a majority of 9564 votes. In 1989-94, during his tenure as MLA, he was nominated to the posts of Chairman to State Textile Development Corporation and Chairman to Assembly Committee on Backward Classes. He died on 17-6-1994 without completing full tenure as MLA.

1989 Election
No.of Electors138671
Polled Votes98832 (71.27%)
Valid Votes96312
Polling Date22-11-1985
Winning Margin9564 (9.93% of valid votes)
No.of Polling Booths158
Electors Per Polling Booth878

Sri Goli Veeranjaneyulu MIndian National Congress (INC)5185847.15%
Sri Simhadri Siva ReddyMCommunist Party of India - Marxist (CPM)4229443.91%
Sri Bulla Raja Rao MBahujan Samaj Party (BSP)7940.82%
Sri Shaik Mastan ValiMIndependent4300.45%
Sri Kukkamalla MelkiyarMIndependent4000.42%
Sri Bommu Siva Rama Krishna ReddyMIndependent2690.28%
Sri Srungatapari Ananda BabuMIndependent2670.28%

Sri Nimmagadda Rammohan Rao

He is the native of Krishnayapalem Village and hails from Agricultural and political family. He is an Engineering Graduate. He entered into politics and elected as the President to Mangalagiri Panchayat Samithi in 1981. He also served as the President of Mangalagiri Mandal Parishath till 1992. In 1994 Assembly elections, he represented the CPM Party and won against the Congress party candidate Sri Damarla Uma Maheswara Rao by a majority of 14,899 votes. He is a good orator.

1994 Election
No.of Electors145642
Polled Votes102303 (70.24%)
Valid Votes101119
Polling Date01-12-1994
Winning Margin14899 (14.73% of valid votes)
No.of Polling Booths184
Electors Per Polling Booth792

Sri Nimmagadda Rammohan RaoMCommunist Party of India - Marxist (CPM)4144740.99%
Sri Damarla Uma Maheswara RaoMIndian National Congress (INC)2654826.25%
Dr. M.S.S.Koteswara RaoMIndependent1656616.38%
Sri Y.Koteswara RaoMBahujan Samaj Party(BSP)79397.85%
Sri Annapureddy Satyanarayana ReddyMIndependent41184.07%
Sri Danaboyina Sundara RamaiahMIndependent22392.21%
Sri Anjireddy Bhimi ReddyMBhartiya Janatha Party (BJP)13171.3%
Sri Mamilla DasuMIndependent2830.28%
Sri Remalla ChittibabuMIndependent2100.21%
Sri Sangam InnaiahMIndependent1290.13%
Sri Munagapati Hanumantha RaoMIndependent1200.12%
Sri Gudipalli SatyababujiMIndependent770.08%
Sri Changavalli SairamMIndependent670.07%
Sri Subbarao SigirisettyMRashtriya Praja Parishat (RPP)590.06%

Sri Murugudu Hanumantha Rao

Sri Murugudu Hanumantha Rao was born on 11-March-1947 in a weavers family. In 1987, he contested and won as Municipal Chairman in the direct elections representing Congress Party. In 1999 Assembly elections he contested representing the Congress party and won by a majority of 12,024 votes against CPM candidate Sri Nimmagadda Rammohan Rao. In 2004, consecutively for the second time, he won the Assembly seat against BJP candidate Smt. Tammisetty Janaki by a majority of 5381 votes. On 26-Apr-2007, He became a state minister of Sarvas Siksha Abhiyan, DPEP, Adult Education, Open Schools, Public Libraries, Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Mahila Samata Society, and State Institute of Education Technology.

1999 Election
No.of Electors162181
Polled Votes107380 (66.21%)
Valid Votes104416
Polling Date11-09-1999
Winning Margin12024 (11.52% of valid votes)
No.of Polling Booths192
Electors Per Polling Booth845

Sri Murugudu Hanumantha RaoMIndian National Congress (INC)4171439.95%
Sri Nimmagadda Rammohan RaoMCommunist Party of India - Marxist (CPM)2969028.43%
Sri Yadlapati Raghunadha BabuMBharatiya Janatha Party (BJP)2878227.56%
Sri Returi KishoreMMCPI(S)33793.24%
Sri Mokkapati Lakshmi NarayanaMNTR TDP(LP)6050.58%
Sri Chintakrindi Madhava RaoMIndependent2460.24%

2004 Election
No.of Electors157937
Polled Votes114432 (72.45%)
Valid Votes114410
Polling Date26-04-2004
Winning Margin5381 (4.7% of valid votes)
No.of Polling Booths175
Electors Per Polling Booth902

Sri Murugudu Hanumantha RaoM-57Indian National Congress (INC)4198036.69%
Srimathi Thammisetty Janaki DeviF-31Bharatiya Janatha Party (BJP)3659931.98%
Sri Nimmagadda Rammohan RaoM-61Communist Party of India - Marxist (CPM)3362029.38%
Sri G.M.N.V.PrasadM-63Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)10420.91%
Sri Kattepogu Nageswara RaoM-62Independent6420.56%
Sri ReddiBattula Ratta ReddyM-54Independent5270.46%

Srimathi Kandru Kamala

Kandru Kamala has been elected as MLA of Mangalagiri in 2009 general elections from Congress Party. She worked as Chair-person of Mangalagiri Municipality from 2000-2005.

MLC - Sri Damarla Ramakantharao

When the former President of India Sri Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was the Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University, Sri Damarla Ramakantha Rao was his student. He got his M.A. Degree in the year 1935. He strived hard for the development of Hand-loom Industry and for the welfare of Weavers by participating in number of movements. He held a number of posts and responsibilities in Government and non-governmental organisations. He represented the Congress party and contested as Member of Legislative Council from the consitutency of MLAs. He held a number of nominated as well as elected posts in the State Co-operative Society, Central Hand-loom Board, Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam, and Co-operative Spinning Mills in Rajahmundry, Chirala, Guntakal, Nellore. He served in the field of Journalism and worked as an Editor of Chenetha and Bharath magazines and as Sub-Editor of Andhra Patrika and Janavani Newspapers. He was the only person from Mangalagiri, who served as MLC. He was born in 1913 and died on 28-6-1969.

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