There were many industries in Mangalagiri, and gave employment to thousands of people. The famous industries in those days were Krishna Cement Company, Parry Company, Shawales Company, Andhra Fertilizers, Dalda Company, Eastcoast Floor mills, Spenser Company, Reno Rubber, Steel Rolling Mills. They were on both sides of the Grand Trunk Road, and by those industries, Mangalagiri was developed industrially. The revenue of those industries were in the order of crores. But, due to the circumstances, now, there are no companies, and it was a history only. There were rice, and oil mills, and now they were also closed. Presently, Mangalagiri does not have any significance in the industries.

With the help of government, there are small scale industries are going at Industrial State, at the outskirts of the town. Presently, Ramco company is the famous company which is doing exports. As a part of the expansion, they moved the company to bypass road. Eventhough Coco-cola bottling unit did not provide any employment, it helped to improve real-estate business.

From the previous experiences, unavailability of natural resources, and lack of encouragement from the government, no body is ready to start any industry here.

Ramco Factory

Sri M.Malakondaiah

Local industrialist Sri Mothukuri Malakondaiah has started Rajagopal Oil Mills in 1974 at Nidamarru Road. This industry came to known as Ramco, and it established in a good state in Mangalagiri. As a part of expansion of this company, they moved to Bypass Road. At Bypass Road, in the management of Sri Kondaiah, they started one limited company Sasisri Extractions in 1999. In this company, they take raw oil from Soyabean.

The value of this company is Rs.4 crore, and situated in 6 acres. The revenue of this company is Rs.50 crore. Sri Sambasivarao S/O Sri Malakondaiah, is the Director of this company. In this industry, there are 100 workers, and there is no labour union. Sri Sambasivarao believes that, the industries in this area were closed because of the lack of the proper management. He is running the industry without any labour problem, and he is an idle person in this area for industrialists.

M. Sambasiva Rao

Krishna Cement Works

In 1939, A.C.C Krishna Cement Works started with the production of 20 tons per year. In the construction of Nagarjuna Sagar Project, they used the cement from this plant. It developed to produce 750 tons per day with 1000 workers. In 1989, A.C.C Management sold this company to Hemaraj Mahaveer Poddar Company because of unable to produce with old equipment, and upgrade to the latest equipment. On 12-5-1993, the management is again changed to Krishna Cement Works. In just 17 days, on 29-5-1993, they have locked out the company, and all the workers lost their employment.

Tyres Factory - Elections Factory

In 1970th decade, with the collabaration of APSRTC and Dunlop company, there was a plan to start Tyres Factory in Mangalagiri. But, it remained an elections slogan. Because of this, 100 acres of farm, and the lakes Erra Cheruvu, and Nalla Cheruvu became useless. People thought that, everybody gets employment, and town also would be developed. Government had put a board for tyres factory, and started one office for site engineer. But, in 1977, when Janatha Party was in the power, Central industrial minister at that time, Sri Jorge Fernandes directly told in a meeting that, there was no need of tyres factory here, and no one would get employment by that. In 1989, in the elections meeting, Sri N.T.Ramarao showed the permission letter for tyres factory. In many elections, all political parties had promised to start a tyres factory, but no body could do it. With that, people understood that, it was not a tyres factory, but an elections factory and ignored about that.

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