By the population, in 1961 itself, Mangalagiri became a town. On 1-10-1969, it became a Municipality. At that time, the population was 29,000. In 35 years, mangalagiri was developed a lot. Now, the population is 61,981. Municipality recognized 15,750 households. Average municipal income by taxes is 85 lakh rupees. In 2002-03, the yearly income including grants was Rs.3.89 crore. In 2003-04, it was Rs.5.85 crore. Now, Mangalagiri is a second grade municipality.

The present Chairman is Sri Kandru Srinivasa Rao, Vice-Chairman is Sri Munagala Malleswara Rao, and the commissioner is Sri K.Lakshmi Narayana.

First Municipal Council (1971-76)

Sri Goli Gopalarao

The president in the first council was Sri Goli Gopalarao (Congress), and vice-president was Sri Shaik Ahmad Ali (CPI). In this council, there were 20 councillors including two women. To this council Sri Avvaru Mylar used to give suggestions as an elder man. Sri Goli Gopalarao was elected in indirect elections. He started Pilot water scheme, and drinking water through pipes was started. He opened Municipal Complex, Vegetable market, Kuppurao colony. He changed street lights to tube lights.

After first council, it took 5 years time for second council to come. In the mean time, special officer used to take care of this.

Second Municipal Council (1981-86)

The president in the second council was Sri Sukhamanchi Venkata Koteswararao (CPI), and vice-president was Sri Mahaboob Beg (Independent). In this council, there were 24 councillors. Sri Koteswararao used to say that, "I am not the first person of the town, I am the first watchman". He used to roam in the town and observe the situations. When, he became the president, there were only Rs.5,000 in the bank, and there were 16 lakh rupees debts. Within 15 days, he recovered 2 lakh rupees, and gave the salaries to the employees of the municipality. Before that, the employees were not getting salaries regularly. He increased entertainment tax from Rs.4.2 lakh to Rs.16 lakh.

Sri Sukhamanchi Venkata Koteswararao

Third Municipal Council (1987-92)
Sri Murugudu Hanumantha Rao

The president in the third council was Sri Murugudu Hanumantharao (Congress), and vice-president was Sri Shaik Saleem (Congress). There were 20 councillors in this council including two women. He changed the gravel roads to cement roads. He arranged mercury lights in the main junctions. He constructed new water tank, and increased public tapes, and number of connections for houses. For Krishna water, he prepared a plan, and submitted to prime minister at that time Sri Rajiv Gandhi. Unfortunately, it was not formed as action.

Fourth Municipal Council (1995-2000)

The president in the fourth council was Sri Goli Veeranjaneyulu (TDP), and vice-presidents were Sri Chinni Pichchayya (1995-98), and Sri Kota Sriramamurthy (1998-2000). There were 20 councillors in this council including 9 women. In this council, there were so many development activities worth of Rs.7 crore. They made 197 cement roads, and improved water supply in old Mangalagiri.

Sri Goli Veeranjaneyulu

Fifth Municipal Council (2000-2005)

Srimathi Kandru Kamala

The chair-person for this council is Srimathi Kandru Kamala (Congress), and vice-president is Sri Ande Narasimharao (CPI). Srimathi Kandru Kamala is the first women to become chair-person of Mangalagiri. There are 28 councillors in this council including 11 women. Including Co-opted member, and chair-person, there are 13 women in this council. By this council, Mangalagiri got krishna water. They constructed one over-head tank in the west side of the town. 90% of the roads were changed to cement roads. No other council has got as much funds as this council got. For 2004, krishna pushkaras, they have done development activities worth of Rs.2 crore. The term of this council was completed on 28-3-2005.

Sixth Municipal Council (2005-2010)

The chair-person for this council is Sri Kandru Srinivasa Rao.

Sri Kandru Srinivasa Rao

Seventh Municipal Council (2014-now)

Sri Ganji Chiranjeevi

The chair-person for this council is Sri Ganji Chiranjeevi.

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