Government Services

There are many government offices, and officers in Mangalagiri. The main officers are Tahasildar, Mandal Development Officer, Agricultural Assistant Director, Child Development Project Officer, Power Distribution Assistant Divisional Officer, Assistant Accounts Officer, Assistant Social Welfare Officer, Housing Assistant Executive Engineer, Roads & Buildings Assistant Engineer, Commercial and Sales Tax Officer, Sub-Treasury Officer, Sub-Registrar, Police Circle Inspector, Sub-Jail Superintendent, Labour Officer, Motor Vehicle Inspector, Fire Officer, Prohibition-Excise Inspector, Municipal Commissioner, Farmers Bazar Estate Officer. Other offices are Urban Development Authority Divisional Office, Central Excise Superintendent office, APSRTC Depot, Head Post office, and BSNL Office.

Sri Bulla Subbarao

Sri Bulla Subbarao is the first person from Mangalagiri who got IAS. He was born on 1-7-1945 to Sri Raghavaiah, and Srimathi Saramma. He completed his primary education in Baptist pet, and secondary education in C.K.High School. In 1972, he was selected for IAS for Karnataka Cadre. He worked as a Collector for Beedar, Karnataka Excise Commissioner, Managing director for Mysore Minerals, Karnataka Agro Chemicals, Karnataka Markfed, and Hatti Golden Mines. He was a Secretary for Departments Factories, Labour, and Housing etc. He took voluntary retirement in 2004, and presently living in Bangalore.

Sri Bulla Subbarao

Sri Siramdasu Lakshmi Narayana
Sri Siramdasu Lakshmi Narayana

He was born on 1-7-1930 in a poor weaver's family. He is the second person in Mangalagiri to get IAS. He studied in street schools conducted by Sri Voore Subbarao, and Sri Chillara Anjaneyulu. He completed his SSLC in C.K.High School, and then did his B.A. After that, he worked in C.K.Junior College as a teacher for 2 years. Then, he attended to State Service Commission Examination in 1955, and joined as UDC in Kurnool. In 1962, he passed Group-1 and joined as RDO in Srikakulam. In 1978, he was conferred with IAS. He worked as a District Collector of Ananthapur, and West Godavari, as DRO in Ongole, as Municipal Commissioner in Vijayawada, as TTD Executive, as Revenue Deputy Secretary, and secretary to the Ex-Chief Minister Sri Nadendla Bhaskararao. He had significant contribution in establishing Junior College, Degree College, Girls High School, and ITI. He retired in 1988, and died in 1999.

Akurathi Pallavi

Akurathi Pallavi has secured 55th rank in Civils - 2008. She got 101th rank in Civils - 2006 and 194th rank in Civils - 2007. Both times, she was selected for I.R.S. Presently, she is under training for Incometax Assistant Commissioner in National Direct Taxes Academy in Nagpur.


Fire Station

When Dr.M.S.S.Koteswararao was MLA, and Sri Nimmagadda Ramamohanrao was Samithi president, Fire Station was started by their efforts. In 1988, Sports and Culture Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri J.R.Pushparaj laid the foundation stone, and Revenue minister of A.P. Sri Dhullipalla Veeraiah Choudary inaugurated on 25-4-1989.

Post Office

Mangalagiri post office started in 1883. When there were no banks, all the accounts of panchayats, and temples were in post office. In 1962, there were 3 clerks, 2 post men in the post office. Till 1965, it was A Class post office. In 1965, August, the position was changed to L.C.G. On 26-2-1980, it is separated from Guntur, and formed Mangalagiri sub division. At that time, the inspector was Sri V.S.Vittal. On 1-4-1980, it was upgraded to Head Post office. In June 1980, inspector post was made to equivalent of Assistant Superintendent. From December 1980, the Head Post Office has been working in it's own building near thaluka office.


In 1946, Guntur Power and Light Limited started supplying electricity to Mangalagiri, Kaja, Chinakakani, Kolanukonda, Atmakuru from Thadepalli. In 1956, government taken over that company. APSEB (Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board) started on 1-4-1959. This was separated as AP Transmission Corporation Limited, and AP Generation Corporation Limited.

In 1939, Mangalagiri electricity section office was started, and in 1984-85, it was upgraded as sub-division. Sub-Electricity Revenue Office was established here. Right now, there are 12,000 electricity services, and the monthly income is around Rs.46 lakh.

Electricity was provided to Mangalagiri first time on 26-10-1939. Sri Chintakrindi Kanakaiah was the first person to have electricity connection for housing purpose as well as commercial purpose. His Electricity service number for house was 2, and for commercial purpose, it was 7.

Police Station

Mangalagiri police station was started in 1883. For villages, there is separate Rural Police Station. In the town, there are Circle office, Town station, and Rural station in their own buildings.

Revenue Mandal

In 1784, East india company divided Guntur district into 14 thalukas, and Mangalagiri was one of the thaluka. From 1859 to 1904, it was a part of Krishna district. In 1904, it was merged to guntur district, but it was a sub-thaluka of Guntur. In 1983, it became thaluka again. On 25-5-1985, Thalukas were abolished, and Mangalagiri became a mandal. In this mandal, there are Kaja, Chinakakani, Kuragallu, Bethapudi, Nidamarru, Neerukonda, Navuluru, Yerrabalem, Krishnayapalem, Atmakuru, Pedavadlapudi, Chinavadlapudi, Nuthakki, and Ramachandrapuram villages.

Registrar office

Mangalagiri Sub Registrar office was formed in 1907. When Mangalagiri was a thaluka, this office served 60 villages. After it became mandal, it is serving 30 villages. This is completely computerized. Famous cine actor, and former Chief Minister, Sri N.T.Ramarao worked as Sub Registrar in this office. When he was working here, he got chance in cinema, and resigned his job.


Mangalagiri library has more than 6 to 7 decades history. In 1950, it was in Chandramouli park of Panchayat. In 1959, it went under the control of District Library Authority. After that, it was moved to the first floor of the ramalayam in main bazar. It was there for few decades. On 28-10-1993, it was moved to it's own building. But, there is no electricity supply. It is organized by Grade-1 librarian, and there are more than 20,000 books. The Magazines budget for this library per annum is around Rs.15,000.

APSP Batallion

In 1972, APSP 6th batallion was established in Mangalagiri in the east side of the town in an area of 140 acres. This helped Mangalagiri in the Business development. Now, there are 1100 employees. It provides housing for 780 staff, and is like a town ship. It has its own school, hospital, LPG depot, stores, open air theatre, and ATM. The first commandant of this Battalion was Sri S.B.V.Raju, and present commandant is Sri V.C.Sazzanar, I.P.S. They are giving training to the soldiers with the latest technology. They established Firing range at Vundavalli hills.

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